Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear fellow applicants,

As the UPDS application process for the year 2007 comes to a close, MAC invites you to submit a personal essay about your experience as an applicant of the UP Debate Society. You may use whatever tone or style you choose as long as you write in English. Videos and photographs are optional. Be reminded that there is a minimum of 500 words. Some guide questions are listed below:
  1. What is BJ?
  2. How is the Membership and Administration Committee (MAC)?
  3. How do you feel about applying to UPDS?
Blog post template is as follows:
Title: Your chosen pen name, which should be a distorted version of a member's name. Example: Tet Grasa for Tet Grajo (thanks, BJ).
Font: Default font. Please do not add colour or fancy styles!
Labels: Your favourite colour. Wala lang.
Entry: The first line should be Creative Title by Pen name.
The username is and the password is iskaisko (if that doesn't work, switch it around). Once you have submitted the entry, text BJ your pseudonym.



tet said...

Example: Tet Grasa for Tet Grajo (thanks, BJ).

wut. i google my name and find this! :)) not witteh.

DebApp! said...

@ tet: "coin operated boy" that is what you want, automatic joy?


Teh Topnotcher said...

bading ka bj, why on the bloody planet would you give away the password on the front page???

[Miss Guinto]

Claire said...

Pota. Bakit si BJ may guide question?

Abuse of power! REVOKE REVOKE.

Bitter. I want a guide question.

BJ said...

mac has discretionary rights over this task. hehe...

fair lang naman ang mga questions e.

what i asked is WHAT is BJ

not who is BJ.