Friday, September 7, 2007

At the Start of the Last

Start of the Last
by Prinsesa Luna

I read all the blog entries, yes, including the late ones, and I couldn’t help but whip out my own. Consider this a very generalised oral adjudication, but drop the oral bit since Bernard Joseph Esposo Guerrero’s the master of anything oral anyway. He’s allegedly an English major and uh... world-class adj but, let’s own it, when it comes to blogs, I’m still the queen of it (if you don't believe me, well, I've been blogging longer than I've been flossing, debating and started obsessing about fags and boys. I took 9 units of English courses for the purpose of improving my blogging, CL 115, CW 140 and CW198: Online Writing).

So I’ll give the major fault of most of your entries. IT DOES NOT CATER TO A GENERAL AUDIENCE. Half the time I keep reading the same thing, I keep on wondering if the questions became an outline for everyone to follow expressed in different words. When given the task to define “how is MAC” and “what is BJ”, people took the liberty to stroke our egos. Hm. Typical human nature I reckon. But hello, the egos of both BJ and the MAC need-not be stricken! It's already been stroke!

I would’ve accepted this type of worshipping, if there were more references to ME! was more creativity. Yes, the C word you had to resort to every-time the motion is as alien as Joe (Aguilar). To give credit to some entries (around three I think), they made room for good metaphors, but I was looking forward to something more revealing. Like:

“[after mandatory Bernard Joseph 'BJ' Esposo Guerrero worshipping]. I love BJ. But the truth that I’ve never professed is my undying love for Paolo Bernardo. After getting another rank 4 in a debate and before crumpling my useless debate notes in the nearest recycle bin, the only thing I can think of is the glimpse of his brace-clad smile that lights up his entire face. But what am I to do, I’m only a hapless gay, fresh out of the closet with a gazillion girls competing against this prize.”

Or something like:

“The only thing bothering me now that the application period is ending is where Nikki Zeta and Celine Socrates got their names. I mean honestly, why couldn’t I have been named cooler?”

"I think Yang Villa and Alister Zosa make the perfect couple. They both remind me of BJ."

Random thoughts like that would’ve been given more flavour to your thoughts and feelings. What really disappointed me was that given a history of the posts, people still ended up posting the same things! I expected more from the later entries because you guys should've stepped up to what has been said.

To give credit to where credit is due, people did have very honest sentiments, or more or less the expected sentiments over the application process. Of course the tie-back is the inevitable lie (or at least the comforting bit of information “it’s worth it, no matter what”). I guess it’s something I can relate to, at this point, I know exactly how it feels to be hanging by a thread, not knowing if you’re good enough especially after that “enjoyable” app period.

[I just love the Econ Lounge]

As closure, I think MAC will be doing well with the new line of iPods. The iTouch is rather pricey for it’s limited capacity, and it would’ve been nicer if it had a built in camera (it will literally be an iPhone short of a phone). I still get pissed that my iPod is only 2 years old, yet they increased its capacity four-fold and not only that, it’s $50 cheaper! No amount of economics can explain that, well, it could, it’s called economies of scale. Or abusive conditions for workers in China.

Oh and another thing. Just to play devil’s advocate with the entire BJ is Love movement, one of the memorable moments of my app life was that BJ left me. He said it was acads. While I shrugged it off with ease (we didn’t get married after all, it was just a partnership you had to settle with for lack of clear choices at that time), I found out two years after that he left me for a guy. Not just a regular guy, a guy that was rumoured to be selling drugs with his father when I was in high school (well according to my friend Bea). Of course, that was a third-degree rumour (Bea's brother was BJ's boy's classmate), but it wasn’t hard to believe. I actually met the father of said person, actually, I attended a forum that he was speaking for, and it was forum on prostitution. I know you think that this paragraph is farce, but I could tell you that this is 100% true.

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