Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Anna Porcelana

Learning how to Masterdebate by Anna Porcelana

A normal person would rather choose to spend nearly two months of his time studying, playing, flirting or even watching plants grow in their yard over applying for UPDS. Arguably, the DebSoc holds the title for the most competitive application process, from the Apps Olympics to the Tambay Debates, Tambay Adjes, Mini-Mock, the Graded Debates and the dreaded Matter Exam. By sheer length ang complexity, the process has completely stretched me beyond my former bounds, I had to struggle with severely conflicting schedules and tempting holidays all in good hopes of making it. I will never forget running across the campus in search for condoms and sanitary napkins or even hitching a ride with a complete stranger delivering ulam. Even debating in Vinzons over limited space and light, to sit in Econ building just to manage my quota was worthwhile. Our buddy made sure that we were ready for all the things that we would be facing, from case building to adjing our buddy made sure that we were all in the right track. Looking back the buddy bid fee which I used to think was irrational is now justified, I feel that we undercompensated our buddy’s effort and patience with us. All in all the process wasn’t just about getting grades higher than 75 but rather an intrinsic checking of desire to make it, because as I have heard the app process is just a warm-up of all the stretching that I will have to make assuming I get in.

What added flavor to the process are BJ and MAC and in order to be able to talk about them properly I have to define them first, BJ, contrary to the misnomers who shallowly define such as blow job or buko juice, is a word (not an abbreviation) used to define something which adds positive value to somewhat negative scenarios. For example; if you are lonely, all you need is a BJ and everything will be alright. If you think that you can’t appreciate things anymore, just get a BJ and you’re all set for seeing the beauty of life. As far as research is concerned, BJ will be placed in the thesaurus as something synonymous to appreciation or hope. The only rule about BJ is that you must pay it forward, meaning that if someone BJs you it is imperative that you BJ someone else who desperately needs it.

This then leads me to MAC (Membership and Administration Committee), how is MAC anyway? MAC is a spawn of the concept of BJ because throughout the process, MAC is the main cursor of the applicants, helping us through the whole process by giving out tips about sig-sheets, making us physically fit through the Olympics and helping us figure out strategies how to increase our chances of getting in.

In summation, the process has promoted my whole outlook about debating and it has made me realize that I must follow the BJ principle which is useful in everyday scenarios. I had a taste of the UPDS life, and it is tough and worthwhile no matter what.

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