Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jowee Pasensiya

This is my quest to follow that star, no matter how hopeless... by Jowee Pasensiya

While I was reading the blog entries of my co-apps, I think majority of them thought that the “BJ” they should talk about is Benjamin Joseph Esposo Guerrero, who is the very famous MAC Chair. Although BJ is nice to me and I already consider him as my friend, I would rather talk about a different BJ. As an applicant of upds, I know I have a lot of things to fulfill, (i.e. debate and adj quotas, sigsheets, internships, whatever!) and I must say that all those things are part of the BJ or the Big Job that we’re expected to do. The responsibility given to us is not easy believe me. You have to learn how to balance acads with org work since the app period requires you a lot of time and effort. It would be helpful also if you’d read broadsheets everyday and buy the economist magazine every week. Unfortunately for a student like me it’s really hard to save up since when i'm in school I also get to spend a lot (i.e. food, transportation, unnecessary expenses, etc.) I really think that the big job is important because even if it will not assure you of a slot in the org, at least it can improve your chances. And even if everything is equally hard and stressful, at least at the end of the day you’ve learned something from it.

The whole app process even if it’s not yet done is really tiring but enjoyable. It’s enjoyable since you get to learn a lot of things. It’s when you meet a lot of intelligent, weird, moody and not to mention pretty girls. For a person lacking in social skills, I know that the whole app process is a challenge I have to take. For the reason I don’t really understand, I’ve been very shy all my life so it’s never been easy for me to mingle with other people but I’m really trying my best to catch up and socialize with the rest. I feel a bit uncomfortable when I’m exposed to a new group of people but thanks to my ever-reliant buddy and some debsoc people since they made me feel as if I can share to them everything I have in mind, especially those things that concern the app process, which mind you is very tiring since it requires you to devote substantial amount of time and effort.

When everything gets rough, that’s when MAC comes in. They’ll let you know what you should do and they’ll inform you the things you need to improve. MAC is composed of nine interesting people, who I think deserve a place in this entry.

Bernard Joseph Esposo Guerrero: He’s the VP for MAC but according to him, he’s the “Queen” of the org. He may be snob at times but BJ would always be there when you need someone to talk with. If you have problems in terms of the entire app process and you don’t know who to talk with, BJ is the man (or the other way around)! Believe me, he seems to be a snob but BJ is really nice and friendly too.

Yang: He may be brutally frank in terms of adjudicating but I really think that he’s the friendliest among the members. If I’m not mistaken he’s one of the primary movers of the “Seven Deadly Questions”, and if you’d ask me if the questions are really worth answering, I really don’t know because most of the questions are very hard to answer. Anyway, the “Seven Deadly Questions Game” is really fun. Even if you don’t like the question, you have no choice but to answer it and I assume that’s the primary challenge of the game.

Paula: I rarely see her during debate trainings but I get to see her twice a week. She’s pretty, well dressed, very articulate, and not to mention she’s also sexy. I think she has this resemblance to female newscaster Rhea Santos. Like everyone else in MAC, she looks like a snob but the moment you talk to her, you’ll find out that this woman is also fun to be with.

Pluto: This guy is very funny. I think he’s the most kikay among the male upds members. I haven’t seen him debate so I have no idea if this guy is a killer or what.

Celeni: Even if we see each other often, we never had the chance to sit down and spend the next 15 minutes together. That I guess is one of my regrets because I really think that Celeni is a very funny girl. The way she carries herself is also amusing and I’m really looking forward to be her friend.

Jovan: Although Jovan is nice, I think he has to eat more. Hehe. He seems to be very quiet just like me.

Biboy: I guess he’s one of the most competitive members of upds. I’ve seen him debate several times already and I must say I’m a fan, it’s just that he has this very high pitch of voice that is a bit unusual since he’s a very big guy.

Nikko: Like everyone else in upds, this guy looks like a snob. But when I had a chance to talk and spend some time with him, I realized that he’s really not.

Dimple: I rarely see her during debate trainings so I have no idea if she’s nice or what. But I guess she’s friendly because she always carries a smile on her face not to mention I was able to get her signature without any challenge at all.

I’m grateful that I applied for UPDS not only because I know that it will help me in terms of future reports, paper works, job interviews etc. but I’m more grateful because at least I’ve met a lot of people who can be my friends in the long run. It has always been my dream also to be featured on national T.V. and I’m positive that debsoc can make that elusive dream come true. Haha. Peace.

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