Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A-Lester Tuking-pun

Application by A-Lester Tuking-pun

The prefix "a-" which means without and the pun intended with the third sex word "tuki", you can easily figure out what the distortion means. For your information, his name is actually my household nickname. =)

BJ. Bernard Joseph Guerrero is the head of the Membership and Application Committee(MAC) of the UP Debate Society(UPDS). He plays a big role in my future. I first encountered BJ during the orientation of our application period. The way he acted and talked, I knew one thing for sure, he was gay. Nowadays, BJ has been a part of my life, and so has the rest of my fellow applicants and the members of the UP Debate Society. BJ is everyone's mother. Despite bilogical differences from the typical mother, he manages to fulfill the role just as good. I have spent a lot of time with him and hopefully more so in the future, whether or not I pass UPDS.

MAC. The Membership and Application Committee was the whole committee in charge of my future, BJ extension. Everyone is perky and nice. Some of the MAC members can be intimidating and made me hesitate to get to know some of them. But my hesitations were unfounded. So far, they have given me no reasons to doubt their sincerity. Everything has continued to run smoothly, even when faced with typhoons and people deferring.

The application period were the two best and worst months of my life. Applying to an organization, I didn't think the process was so demanding. The requirements were: 10 tambay debates, 5 tambay adjudications, 3 graded debates, 3 matter exams, 30 tambay hours, an internship in each of the 5 committees, a sigsheet which meant a whole lot of tasks to acquire the signatures, an apps olympics, a matter exam, an adjudication exam, attending two debate seminars, one adjudication seminar, and one IR seminar, buddy fee, application fee, resume, a copy of my Form 5 and JDC. On top of that, you still aren't guaranteed a slot because of the tier system and the existence of a second phase. If you put it that way, I can't even believe I pushed through with the process. To be honest, I thought the requirements were unreasonable.

I was about to defer after the orientation. I couldn't imagine myself managing to fulfill the requirements. The day of the buddy bidding, braving the storm, I decided "What the heck, might as well continue and try. What have I got to lose?". It's been two months since. My adjudication exam is this afternoon. JDC is this Saturday. My views have changed. The requirements are achievable and they are the most meritorious way of filtering the applicants.

And I've never been happier. Last Monday, during my first subject(Maths 17), I was thinking about how long the time was until it's finally dismissal. Then, I can tambay at Econ. I've cherished every minute. I'm more passionate about UPDS than any of my college subjects. And I can't believe the process is coming to an end. Yesterday, 9am I was at Econ and 9pm I was having dinner with my co-applicants and members at Jollibee Philcoa.

I have changed my attitude a lot. People think I have a high level of self-entitlement. And to a certain extent, I do. Trust me, I have been working on my problem. To give faces and to be rowdy during rounds, I haven't been for two weeks. And people have been telling me, that since then, I have become pretentious and beauty pageant-ish. I don't see anything wrong with that. After all, we all control even our most basic instincts, like agression and sex. We all do a lot of pretending, like wearing make-up. I don't think I've been "plastik". When people want to change, I don't see anything wrong with that. What's wrong with changing for the better. And when I feel the way I do, like annoyed and pissed, I don't deny, I just control them.

The process has been life-changing. Just last week, I was in my most depressed state. My acads were deteriorating. The worse part is, so is my debating. A lot of people cheered me up and I realized that the problem wouldn't exist if I acted upon it. And on top of that, I have amazing people surrounding me.

I will always look back at the application period with no regret. Whether or not I get accepted lies in the hands of the members of the UPDS. And I am going to be honest about my feelings. I want to pass and I can't imagine life without DebSoc.

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