Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Diana Dyslexia

An Undefined Definition by Diana Dyslexia

There are things in this world that we can never always explain or define. When science can only do so much, we are left with the play of words. The struggle to choose among the broad spectrum of words is endless. At the end of the day, all we can do is hope that words would be enough to paint the perfect picture.

BJ: a living theory.
BJ is a theory; a theory that lives by itself to prove himself to others. A living proof that excellence does not always translate to being immodest; that one need not to separate himself from the others to be praised because of his achievements; a proof that to be able to be successful and acclaimed, one must always remember how to be grounded.
If there is one thing admirable about BJ, that would be his honesty. Sometimes being confronted with the truth is harsh but I would rather be stabbed in the chest with the truth, than be fed with sugar-coated poison. In this kind of application process, wherein honest assessment is critical, there is always a Bernard Joseph Guererro, honest and reliable.

MAC: your support system.
BJ is infectious and good thing MAC is infected. Happy, perky, and pure fun, that’s what MAC is to me. Upon entering the UPDS application period these are the faces that one must remember. The reason of course is quite obvious, that it’s the Membership and Administration Committee for crying out loud! But above all, MAC is your plank of wood when the ship sinks. When things go wrong, you can cry all you want and do whatever you want to do but the smart choice would always be to talk to them. MAC is your breathing apparatus in times of comatose. They will make sure you will stay alive up to the end. They will help you stand and continue, alongside with other members.

ME: experience defined.
I am NOT brilliant. But the UPDS application period shaped me in a way that I would glitter, even though how faint, still they made me glitter. They made me do things that I did not know I can. They made me discover my potentials and juice out the best in me.
The whole application period is a path to the mountains - hard yet enjoyable. Starting at the lowest point, you feel at ease. But when it gets steep, chances are, you will struggle just to continue walking the path. The trek to the top is never easy. There is even no assurance of getting to the top. I stumbled once, but never had I had doubts that perseverance will help me make it though. Cuts, cramps, bruises, or what-have-you are necessary pains to make me, us, realize that this is not a stroll in the park. This is the UPDS application period. What we must understand that there is little room for doubt, fear, and even confidence; that we must be determined to take all things seriously.
I had the choice to settle at the foot of the mountain. I had the opportunity to admire the peak from below; where there is less pain and less effort needed. But I chose to take a risk – a risk to discover what is something up in the mountains to be admired. An admiration that made me change my perspective. A perspective I realized is kind that I wanted to have.

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