Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chubaboy Beltran

Get Right by Chubaboy Beltran
Why am I applying in UPDS? My answer is, UPDS has been a very undeniable need and want for me. It is now part of my indifference curves and is dictating my consumption function as of the moment. Funny as it may seem the very mathematical model of my life that governs my decision making is now inflicted by the very contagious fad of being happy, that is for me to be happy debating.
To decipher the whole apps process is just like unlocking the most unlock-able code in the world. Well what I mean is that I can never say that I am right, nor can I asses fully how to do the right things the next time. Parliamentary debating is one of the most challenging and competitive skill one can have. With the required talent or knowledge on a broad array of topic, and genius in argumentation, clearly UPDS gives justice to debating.
Am I making sense right now? I can say I am problematic, ha-ha this is how people characterize my manner in debating full of assertions and lacking argumentation. Its sad to note that I have not yet improved on that part.
That is why I am very grateful to the very helpful and generous UPDS mem, he is BJ. How lucky I am that I shared some hours of the nights with him. Glad for you its no steamy affair, but it is a night of luscious teaching, training and matter loading. He indeed helped me step by step along the way. He is also the one who really assists not just me, but all of my co applicants. I am sure that my last statement is something undebatable.
Now how was I able to say such claims that I am problematic in my debating? The answer of course is by hearing feedbacks consistently advising me to do better. The MAC also provides avenue for me, and my co applicants to improve on our debating and to be integrated in the society. Further I would like to characterize how MAC works in the perspective of the applicant who wants to get it right this time. MAC is arguably the homiest committee in the society. As for me they make me feel that I am not alone, that I can still improve on and I still can contribute more. They make me realize that I should maximize my potentials and thus motivates me to continue on my journey. Why is it important? It is important because if I will lack motivation I will have given up again thus makes me counterproductive and constricts my growth. Not discounting the fact that without the proper motivation I will be disempowering myself by just having myself finished something that is not clear to me at the first place.
I tell you that the application process as a whole is hard and indeed very challenging. Under two planks I will characterize and prove to you that the app process is hard and challenging but at the same time its worth it and very reasonable. First plank is how the standards set by the society makes it hard for me to be good in debating but at the end of the day helps me a lot. Secondly how to integrate with the members can be so hard and again at the end of the day is worth doing.
On the First plank, UPDS has high standards in debating and adjudicating in order for them to maintain high level of excellence within the society. It is hard because applicant have to meet this standards at a relatively short period of time, especially when we talk about applicants that have not enough experience and capacity to adapt. BUT, EVEN IF it is hard I say it is necessary for UPDS be protected against the problem of adverse selection, which in this case may lead to acceptance of a non excellent or below standard applicant. With these standards UPDS is safeguarded, and the applicants are now motivated to do better and make themselves more worthy to be able to be admitted in the society.
On the Second plank, yes having the courage to mingle and to integrate with the members entails a lot of costs especially when an applicant can be so intimidated by the members because of the standards that they have to begin with. BUT EVEN IF INTEGRATING IS HARD, I tell you that it is necessary to adapt in the society, after all it is a society of debaters that maintain standards that ensures excellence. Though hesitations to integrate will arise at the start, even the members are willing to extend help. That is as the app process continues an applicant will then see how and what is the proper way to be accepted in the society and how it is to be a member.
With these two arguments I have proven that getting it right is hard, especially getting into the UPDS but at the end of the day it is justified. Just like my problematic post, I can only count on myself to pass the standards and improve as the app process is near into its conclusion. With all these and all my hopes I rest my case.

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