Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Puto Pahiyas

BITTERSWEET by: Puto Pahiyas

BJ!!! Adj! BJ yada! BJ blah! Debate this! Quota that!

Clutter. Everybody chants just one name – BJ. Nah, he’s not Brad Pitt, nor Adam Brody or some Hollywood hunk, he’s plain BJ. The one and only BJ. BJ is genetically-engineered to become the surrogate mother slash runner of the embryonic oral cavities stemming from the month-or-so-old Petri dishes and test tubes. The fast-growing adult germ cells, on the get-go, well, umm, are growing. However, as it is BJ who engulfs the nearly neurotic, hyperactive orifices, yes my dears, mouths have weird tendencies, after all, he just never settles for the second best. Implication: if you are to talk might as well speak with all the sense and conviction in the world. Gibberish and BJ just don’t go hand-in-hand.

As everyone is near the verge of neurasthenia, exams on one side, app quotas on the other, BJ is not the end-all and be-all for these kiddos. There is still MAC to shed some light. No, we aren’t talking about the red and yellow mascot of this one large food chain or whatnot. MAC is like BJ, the descendants of him for that matter. Splintered BJ scattered to each corner of the MAC committee ensures that these embryos wouldn’t be flushed down the drain at the end of the day.

BJ and MAC are the applicants’ number one must-know. They are the sacred force that one could never go without knowing. Dude, not knowing a MAC member at this point in time means one thing, DEAD MEAT. It’s over. Whatever your problem is, these are the people you automatically go to. As cheesy as it may sound, they are the ones whom you run into when you sre on the brink of psychosis or what-have-you.

Debating is fulfilling. Heck, debating is love. But sometimes the urge to be just one cowardly little creature, run away from all this and once and for all, defer, is sometimes just too strong to ignore. Nonetheless, there is that driving force telling you to step forward. The lighting challenged, mosquito infested, dirty corner in Econ could be one of the happiest places in UP. Though intimidating at first, the members could be the most interesting, funniest entities in the university.

In retrospect, who would have thought that applicants could be superhuman in terms of how we could balance our schedules. That despite of all the exams, recits, and other academic related activities, we could still fulfill the requirements of the app period. The latter part of the process is the most fun part for me though. It’s funny how the apps become more bonded as we race against time to fulfill all our deficiencies. Regardless of how many exams we have to take the next day, we desperately stay up late in econ, hoping to debate and adj and work off our asses as we become weirder and weirder. The peculiar thing is, we enjoy it. I enjoy it. I get tired, yes, but never toxic.

To sum it all up, the application is a love-hate relationship. Sometimes, I despise it, most of the time I love it. And you know what, you wouldn’t know the sense of fulfillment anywhere else.

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