Friday, September 7, 2007

clear wow

BJ, to me, means biggest jerk. he is a person. a debater. an "ex-boyfriend." a loser. a person "who swept me off my feet during my first year in UST." he led me into a n illicit romance full cheap, wanton kissing and dutch dates. lesson learned: do not go out with a debater who brings debates into his love life.

MAC. mooting assistance companions. most admirable crew. makes aspirations come true. makers of amazing camaraderie. those were just a few anagrams to describe the people of MAC. the membership committee of debsoc are composed of people who never fail to smile though very "hogwarts." who laugh even if very stressed. and the stress mostly were because of us the applicants.

they are what i describe as the "philanthropists" of debsoc. helpful, happy, huggable, hilarious but serious species.

for me, MAC is the generator of laughter in the debsoc. with members' laugh range from barbaric to monotone. with this disposition, MAC never fails to rev up the drive of the applicants throughout the application process. they are our cheerleaders.

what can i say? i love MAC! i love MAC! i love MAC! i love MAC! who wouldn't? i know deep in the hearts of the MAC members they have found a place to love me as much!!!

it was very tough to juggle school work and the application process. but that is what made every bit of the application process rewarding. i came to love the company of the members and applicants knowing that they have the same passion as i have which is debating. through all the vague motions i have gone through, all the sweet wins, and the matterless moments, i wish to see the light in the labyrinth. i really do believe that i have a lot to offer to the society most especially that i am further buffed by excellent debaters. given the opportunity to be part of the society, it is just that i give back what debsoc has given me - mooting skills armed with critical thought. logical reasoning and the fire to live up to the standards that make debsoc champions.

every moment in the application was savored. it was fun. a series of never ending fun. i dream of experiencing what sir said; that you will experience the most frustrating and your most victorious moments in debsoc. with this, debating became addictive. i just find myself sometimes hear hearing when in agreement at home, school or with friends. Debsoc lights my fire. fueled by its excellent members, i hope to intensify the flame. all for a debate society i could soon call my family.

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