Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sabi-na Lacad

**Paradigms** by Sabi-na Lacad

BJ is a paradigm. It is a paradigm that enabled not only me but also the rest of my co-apps to appreciate the conflicting ideologies of debating.

MAC Paradigm.
It is the paradigm that gives me a glimpse of the soul of the society that I am applying for. It is a paradigm that fosters camaraderie and secures the links of the chain amidst conflict of interests. It values even the smallest contribution I can offer and convinces me that that small bit is indeed something worth sharing. Also, it is a paradigm that equipped me with the necessary tools to wage war, a war that is fought with not only with the best intellectual strategies but moreover with great moral high ground. A paradigm that makes me want to belong in their world at the end of the day.

Debate Paradigms.
I personally believe that a person can only either “super” love or “mega” hate debating. These are two extreme paradigms on both ends and crucial at the very least. This is precisely the reason why if you are a debater it is really something more than a hobby but rather a passion (key element to the “super” love paradigm”) – for it is this passion that drives/ mobilizes one to battle in an academic ground to fight for principles without any incentives (a risk that not everyone wants to take). One needs the passion to battle such a bloody war (a war of ideas which is bloodier than swords) which can either vindicate or destroy you severely at times. More importantly, this passion enables one to heal after the war and concede to loses. That is the main reason why the application process is vital personally, for passion sometimes is not inherent but rather something you acquire from the environment. And I am glad to say that it allowed me to share the same passion from the members and not discouraged me from it. Applying enabled me to further conclude that indeed the passion that this society has is worth sharing and knowing regardless whether you become one of them or not.

I am glad and proud to partake in these paradigms regardless.

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