Thursday, September 6, 2007


by nmoran koalateros

At the end of the day I say, ladies and gentlemen, that the application period has been one of the best yet!

After learning that I have passed UPCAT, the next thing that I wanted to do was to join the prestigious University of the Philippines Debate Society. It was neither to spice up my college life nor to prepare myself to law school that I decided to apply. It was for the simple reason that I fell in love to the beauty of debating. Although I feel I have been one of the worst debaters in my high school, I cannot constrain myself from applying. I have fallen in love. I have fallen in love most ardently. I have to do it no matter how pathetic it might look like to my high school friends.

It was not very hard for me to get along with the members and the applicants. Everybody had been very friendly. I have been in tune with everybody. And no, I am too proud even to be offended by some.

Nevertheless, like an epidemic, I also felt the desire to defer as the application process progressed. I felt I cannot pass the elitist standards of DebSoc. But I constrained myself from telling this to anyone. I cannot even pour out my sentiments in my multiply account in fear that a DebSoc member might be able to read my petty sobs. It will definitely not help me. Every after discouraging graded debate, I felt weaker. The thought of honorably failing myself in deferring than being told that I failed did not escape me. There was this fear of rejection that kept me awake at night and nervous in the morning. There were the debates and the sigsheet to occupy my mind like my boyfriend.

But one night it happened. A Bernard Joseph Esposo Guerrero came into my life. He asked me how I felt and I cannot resist being honest to him. I had to tell how I felt discouraged. He helped me and my partner and things started to turn around. I understood my mystical beloved more. There was one night when he asked me whether I felt it will be a pass or a fail. I told him that I cannot accept failure and I have no guts to defer. I will fight this fight with honor until the end. With these words in my mind I learned to see my debates from a different point of view. I learned how to appreciate my arguments and understand constructive criticisms. BJ is the MAC god/goddess worthy of all the praises that one could give. He is the balance of the mild and the strong. He is the intellectual and the social.

Throughout my application ups and downs the MAC committee, as expected, had helped me a lot. They had been my aids in times of genocide among applicants. It was their constant presence that taught me more about the beauty of debating. MAC who had ever been so patient makes up most of my application process memories. They are the meek creatures with the right ego that holds the glorious key and power to UP Debate Society’s existence.

The question, ladies and gentlemen, that needs to be answered is how am I going to magnify on my preordained calling to debate. There is so much to learn and UP DebSoc provides an avenue for that.


normonster said...

totoo ba yan?! baka naman charot lang yan ha!!

normonster said...

totoo ba yan?! baka naman charot lang yan ha!!